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Consultations on health and legal issues

During international trips the holders of Visa Infinite card are provided with free of charge medical and legal support services which will prevent negative development of events.

Services under “Medical and Legal Support Program”:

  • medical advise by telephone;
  • providing information on health institutions;
  • delivery of required medicines and equipment*;
  • organizations of physician’s visit*;
  • securing deposit payment in case of hospitalization*;
  • organization of emergency medical evacuation*;
  • returning back to permanent residence country after emergency evacuation and following hospitalization *;
  • organization of relative’s or friend’s visit in case of hospitalization*;
  • returning to the permanent residence country of under aged children left without care because of your disease;
  • information on the required vaccination and requirements for obtaining a visa;
  • appointment to a lawyer;
  • provision of information on translation bureau.

*These services under the “Medical and Legal Support Program” are paid by the cardholder. The service is provided to Visa Infinite card holders within the first 90 days of the trip outside the permanent residence country. It is important that at least 50% of travel documents be paid through Visa Infinite card.

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