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Purchase insurance

A paint on a new carpet? An ink on a new suit? Or, maybe your new mobile phone was just stolen?

If an accident happens with the purchased good within 90 days after purchase, take the advantage of automatic insurance – call us and forget about the troubles. (Remember, local police will be informed about all the stolen items in case of a theft).

The damage or the loss of the purchased good will occur within 90 days after purchase. No registration of the purchase is required. If it would be necessary to know the price of the good against which you want to get insurance compensation, just apply to the card issuer bank. An unconditional franchise (non-reimbursable amount) in the amount of 50 USD (or equivalent in local currency) is in effect for each item and each case.

  • Coverage in the amount of 5,000 USD per purchase, up to 7,500 USD per insurance event and up to 20,000 USD per annum.
  • This coverage does not include ships, motor vehicles, land and buildings, services and perishable consumer goods.

The payment of insurance sum also depends upon other rules and insurance obligations which may be applicable to you. If other guarantees are provided upon purchase, our insurance covers only the sum not covered by those guarantees in the amount not exceeding the original purchase price. This guarantee wil not be considered additional insurance protection. This guarantee supplements all other guarantees in effect. 

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