Private Banking


Private Banking customers service office


+374 (10) 58-59-85

Account service

Account maintenance

Bank account 

Opening bank account


Bank account maintenance 

Annual interest rate applied to the positive bank account balance


Minimum balance on bank account


Closing bank account

Issuance of bank book

300 AMD

Issuance of statements 

Issuance of monthly account statements


Issuance of statements with other regularity on the customer's request

Issuance of other documents

5 000 AMD

Delivery of documents within the territory of RA


Delivery of documents outside RA

25 000 AMD

Issuance of Power of Attorney  

10 000 AMD

 Crediting of cash  
 Crediting of cash on the account  

 AMD, USD and EUR 



0.5% in case of up to 3.500.000 RUB 
0.65% in case of 3.500.001 RUB and over
Other currency According to commission fee set by the Bank at the time of transaction 
Withdrawal of cash   
Cash from deposited amount   
AMD and foreign currency      Free
From funds credited as non-cash   
AMD  Free 
USD, EUR and RUB   0.3% 
Other currency1  According to commission fee set by the Bank at the time of transaction 

Transfers and payments

Transfers in AMD

Intra-bank transfers (in AMD and foreign currency) 
Inter-bank transfers with RA (on the account of the other bank's customer) 
Payments to state and local budgets 
Foreign currency transfers
In USD, EUR   


0.1% min 5 000, max -60 000 AMD


0.1%, min 10 000, max -60 000 AMD

On the accounts of "VTB Bank" "Sberbenk Russia" OJSC in USD, EUR and RUB 

0.1%, min 5 000, max – 60 000 AMD 
 Other transfers 0.2%, min 10 000, max -60 000 AMD
Commission fee for fast money transfer2  5,000 AMD 
Preparation of regular payment orders  Free 
Correction of the executed transfer order   
Intra-bank transfers  Free
Transfers to other banks in AMD  1 000 AMD 
Foreign currency transfers to other banks   
in case of transfers in USD  25,000 AMD 
in case of transfers in EUR  30,000 AMD 
in case of transfers in RUB  10,000 AMD 
SMS messages on depositing on and withdrawals from bank account  Free 
Other services   
Issuance of copies of SWIFT payment orders  Free 
Copy of statement, exeсuted transaction document, including on deposits, loan accounts, taken securities, on the request of depositors or their successors   
for the period of up to 1 year Free 
for the period of over to 1 year  2,000 AMD 
Confirmation of statement, executed transaction   
for the period of up to 2 years  Free 
for the period of over to 2 years  2,000 AMD 
Issuance of references   
References in Armenian language  3,000 AMD 
References in Russian and English language  5,000 AMD 
1  Other currency in cash, which is quoted (purchased or sold) by the Bank.   
2 The commission fee for fast transfer is added to the commission fee set for the transfer.   

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