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Lending terms

Loans to the customers of Prime Branch are provided in accordance with retail lending terms and tariffs in effect in the Bank.
Exception are the following conditions in case of mortgage lending:

Maximal amount of the mortgage loan in USD for purchase of existing real estate/real estate in construction:

500,000 USD

Lump sum commission fee for reviewing the application  



Terms of credit products provided under Prime Package

General description of the product and product name
Target group

Group 1: Owners and managers of organizations included into the list of “1000 largest Taxpayers” (segments 1 and 2);
Group 2: High level managers of state institutions or organizations, where the main shareholders are the state organizations, employees of top administration of diplomatic corps, members of National Parliament and RA Government;
Group 3: Owners and managers of companies corresponding at least to “G” rating of the CB RA (segments 1 and 2);
Group 4: Owners and managers of audited companies (segments 1 and 2);
Group 5: Owners and managers of large and medium customers of the Bank (according to internal legal documents of the Bank) (segments 1 and 2);
Group 6: Licensed employees of international organizations (World Bank, IMF, ADB, EBRD, UN, UNDP, USAID, WFSP, Council of Europe, etc.);
Group 7: Depositors with deposit amount of 100,000,000 AMD and over (in equivalent currency) 2 with at least 2 months deposit period; 
Group 8: Other customers.

Verification of incomes of the borrower/guarantor

For customers of groups 1-8 the 100% of verified incomes are taken into account. 
Belonging of customers to any of the groups stated in sub-clause 1.2 is determined by the Manager of Prime Branch, attaching an office memo in the name of Risk Manager on belonging of the customer to one of the groups stated in sub-clause 1.2, signed by the Manager of Prime Branch. This memo serves as a basis for referring the customer to corresponding group.   
ՎՍԾ does not check the belonging of the customer to the group stated in the Office Memo and the customers’ incomes.

Criteria of Visa Infinite



Nominal annual interest rate   

AMD 18%, USD 14%, EUR 12%, RUB 14%

Credit line amount (if one credit line is provided in any currency)       Quadruple of incomes, but not less than  3,000,000 AMD min (7,000 USD, 5,000 EUR, 230,000 RUB)

Minimum amount of all credit lines (if several credit lines are provided on various cards. The other /attached card may be of any type (Visa Classic, Visa Gold, etc.).

3,000,000 AMD (equivalent USD, EUR, RUB) 

Maximal LTV rate no limitation
Maximal credit line period  
36 months
 Requirements set to borrower/guarantor in respect of all credit products   
Requirements to credit history  Standard 
Length of service  Not required 
Age limitation  Not specified 

Solvency  requirements set to borrower/guarantor in respect of all credit products

Decision making procedures The application is entered into ABS and goes through the stages corresponding to each product, without automatic refusal, and the signed and scanned conclusion of the Risk-Manager is submitted to RBDD Director or to higher ranking official in case of Director’s absence for adopting a decision on providing a loan /loan limit (the Risk Manager will not make a decision on providing the loan if any of the minimum requirements is not met; instead, he will provide a conclusion stating the compliance/incompliance with the requirements). 
The period for reviewing the credit line by BRSD is half business day.*
The period for making decision by RBDD Director is half business day.*
The RBDD Director may request from the Manager of PB or PB employee any other documents directly or indirectly verifying the incomes of the customer (analysis of company’s performance where the customer works, information from public sources, references, etc.).   
 Formalization of the transaction and provision of the loan   
Priority of documents processing  The loan documents of customers possessing Prime Package (or applying for Prime Package) are accepted, reviewed and processed by all the Bank’s subdivision on a priority basis over document circularization of other products. 

In case of loans

In case of credit lines

Formalization of the transaction and provision of the loan 

1. The period for formalization of contracts by the back office – half business day upon receipt of full package of adequately prepared documents (in scanned copies) required for execution of the transaction. 
2. The contracts are prepared by the back office and sent to the Prime Office in PDF format for signing by the customer, PB Manager/Manager substitute
3. The signed contracts are scanned and sent to back office within 1 business day for crediting the loan amount on the customers’ account. 
4. The original of the loan case is maintained in PB in the customers’ dossier. 

The credit line process on Visa Infinite card in stated in the Chapter 5 of Methodological guidelines of Serving Prime Package customers.

Insurance is made by the Bank exclusively in Bank-accredited companies for the period of 1 (one) year for the loan balance amount. Each subsequent year the insurance is extended by 1 (one) year for the actual loan debt amount. For the last year insurance is made for the remaining loan amount. 

   Additional terms
Moratorium for repetitive application is not applied to any of the products.
The terms and processes not mentioned in this document correspond to the existing/operating products.
The credit line with deposit pledge is provided on Visa Infinite card with grace period. 
Other products are provided in accordance with standard terms, if preferential terms under Prime Package are not approved separately by respective authorized person. 
The documents received before 14.00 pm are processed until the closure of business day. The documents received after 14.00 pm are processed until 12.00 am of the next business day. 

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